African hospitality (2016)

When our founder, Mari, visits South Africa her days are filled with fun experiences.

When I visit Zulufadder in South Africa, I love to drive around the countryside and visit the Zulus. They are always so happy; waving their arms and shouting greetings.

Some are more hospitable than others. Last year I wanted to deliver some chickens that a sponsor in Norway wanted to donate, to Nkosinatis grandmother. Gogo (= grandmother) was thrilled. After the delivery, I threw myself into the car to take two more chickens to another grandmother. But I could not find the car keys. I got out of the car and said to gogo jokingly that if I did not find the keys, I would have to sleep over at her house. Then she was gone.

After emptying the entire contents of my handbag on the ground, I found the keys.

Gogo comes back and says solemnly that I may sleep in her best straw hut on a fairly new straw mat that night. And it was going to cost 10 rand (about $1).

I was almost a little sorry to disappoint her. I had FOUND the keys! I said, “Gogo, thank you for your hospitality and I will give you the 10 rand anyway.”

I think we both were equally excited: Me to sleep in my own bed and she to have gotten chickens and money.

Regards from Mari