Back to school

The children in South Africa go back to school in January every year, and the students are now back after a combined Christmas and summer holiday.

Zulufadders school, Gratton, sets new records every year, and now we have almost 600 students and 60 employees at the school. Now we do not have room for more students unless we build more classrooms.

School uniforms

All school students in South Africa wear school uniforms, and all schools have a unique uniform, and we think Gratton has the most beautiful ones 😊
Many thanks to sponsor Guri and family who have sponsored new uniforms this year!

Graduation class of 2021

The results from last year have just come in, and all the students who went to Gratton High School last year passed with flying colors, and thus the school is still one of the best learning institutions in the district. We congratulate the principal and teachers on their fantastic efforts!

The boarding house

After six weeks at home with their own families, the Zulufadder children have moved back into the “Zulufadder House“. It is a wonderful group that does very well at school. This week we took them to a hamburger restaurant to celebrate last year’s results.