Faithful contributors + Zulufadder = Healthy, Nice and Beautiful Zulufadder children

A modern days fairytale.

You will now hear a modern times fairytale. It’s not about Espen Askeladd, but about the two idealistic ladies who went from Norway to Zululand to improve the lives of the local children.

We can call them @Vetlamauri and @ZuluSilvia.

Most of you know that it all started with Vetlamauri going for a safari to see the animals in Africa. There she did not meet the Zulu king, but a Zulu samaritan named Aurelia.

Admittedly, coconuts and bananas grow in the trees, but the kids are not cradled in a palm-tree hut and they have no talking parrot as a nanny.

If they are sick, Doctor Rhino does not come with a walking stick and hat and glasses. And they do not get cough syrup and black little lozenges.

From here we go out of the fairytale and to everyday life. For the Zulu children, life was sad and gray in 2005. Everyone was hungry and many of them sick. The idea of ​​education was completely remote. Then I think Mari clenched her red hair and Silvia her blonde hair. How would they be able to help all these children and their families?

They came up with a good idea! At home in Norway there were many people with a big heart and an open wallet.

All the regular sponsors who contribute each month have given the children full stomachs and healthy lives. Gifts are ordered in the form of extra food, clothes and anything else they need. This has turned their existence up side down, not just for the kids but the whole family. (Thank you very much! You’re the spinal cord of Zulufadder!)

There are now many Zulufadder children who dream of an education. Zulufadder manages Gratton school, which is a fantastic private school from 1st to 10th grade (and extension to final 12th grade in 2019). Huge thanks to SanaPharma who have built two boarding houses, this allows the school to accommodate more students. SanaPharma has also sponsored a great media room, built several classrooms and refurbished the toilets.

Zulufadder has several kindergartens – “Doremi kindergartens” – with about 150 children. They also run a pre-school at Gratton. All of this is sponsored by SanaPharma. They also sponsor the day care center, “The Hall”, in Umlalazi. Here the children get warm lunch every day. They also get help with the homework and they sing songs and dance.

Zulufadder is so much more than Gratton and Doremi. It is thanks to a great many different contributors. Here are many, many small streams that make the big difference for so many children.

In the beautiful valley of Simunye the people have got a very nice hall where they gather for different activities.

Zulufadder also has a sewing factory that makes the school uniforms to all children every year. Here, several of the sponsor children have received training and now have permanent work.

Zulufadder has its a house construction project, Zulubygg. A total of 49 families have got their own house.

A total of 20 students attend university. An education fund and sponsors who continue to pay contributions make sure this is possible. The first student was Given, who is a geologist, and the next is Minenhle who is becoming a chemist!

I feel that I can continue indefinitely to mention things that all of the sponsors have made possible:

Vegetable gardens, blankets, dictionaries, reading books, beach trips, computers and tablets for children and employees, culture, sports and job creation, bus and tractor – just to name a few.

Vetlamauri and Zulusilvia send you all a huge thank you. Or “SIYABONGA” as it’s called in Zulu. Without all of you, Zulufadder would not have existed and the everyday of a thousand children and their families would still have been gray and sad.

Ps! Zulufadder has developed a new page called “My Projects“. On this page you will find pictures and information about how your money has been spent!

(Written by Jannicke Rotwitt)