Mari tells her story (2005)

This is the story of the Zulufadder founder, Mari Maurstad, of how she met Aurelia and how that changed her life forever.

I can’t find the correct words. Intrigued, fascinated, amazed, excited, committed, involved. This is what happens when your life takes a turn you hadn’t planned for. You get a real “AHA” experience.

I had never been terribly concerned about foreign aid-work nor by Africa. But I suppose we all have a caring quality which perhaps isn’t too developed or too obvious. That’s why I knew how the children in Africa suffered!

But the world has always been filled with children and adults who need help. Every day the TV and newspapers bombard us with pictures of suffering. And like me, I’m sure you think: “I am so fortunate and so blessed not to live like those poor people”.

But when you meet those children who you previously only had seen pictures of, then I can promise you that another room in your heart will open. You will then realize that all the energy you use to satisfy the unnecessary entertainment- and pleasure-hunger at home, that same power can be used for something so much more rewarding! Like for example to be part of making a tiny part of the world a better place to live.

I met Aurelia. If I hadn’t met her, the small town of Eshowe in South Africa would not have several hundred sponsors from all over Norway. Their help means that the children get food, school-fees paid and other necessities taken car of. I was lucky! I found Aurelia. She was my ”ticket” into the ”Save the children in Africa-land”. Through her, I experienced the truth which says: ”it is by giving that you receive”. That is why I stopped everything I was so very busy with, back at home, and went to Africa to live there.

What I’m doing is not impressive. Had you met Aurelia at the same time, in the same way, I know you would have done the same. At least I hope you would have.

Love from Mari.