A small cry for help


We are so excited about all our faithful, generous sponsors! Every month we receive the sponsor funds, which enables us to maintain exactly what we need. Hooray for all of you! It has been tough times during the pandemic for many sponsors, also financially. But still, most people have chosen to help the Zulu children, and we really appreciate that!

We are ALSO very excited about people raising extra money for us! Millions of thanks! There are companies, school classes and individuals. Schools and kindergartens make things and sell and perform.

BUT, there is something that we don’t like. And that’s when we have to spend money on INCREDIBLY BORING and expensive things! We just WANT to use them DIRECTLY for our children.

But sometimes we have to spend money on unforeseen things.

  • We had another extreme storm last week, the second in a short time. The roof of the outdoor area of Popis kindergarten (Doremi) was torn down! It will cost a lot of money to buy a new roof.
  • Last week we had to repair the school bus and pay for a new and very expensive part.
  • But – what’s worse, and MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE, is that the roofs of almost all of Gratton’s classrooms contain ASBESTOS, and they are leaking as well! NOT GOOD. Asbestos is a dangerous and carcinogenic substance.
  • The South African Department of Education also says that ALL roofs with asbestos must be replaced during the year, otherwise they will CLOSE the schools … So we just HAVE to change those roofs.

“But how much FUN is it for our sponsors to pay money for a ROOF?”, I asked Silvia.

Silvia is always optimistic and replied: “Our sponsors are wise and understand that we can not have students in the classroom with a roof that is full of asbestos.”

If many can give a LITTLE, then it will help! The world’s most boring project to spend money on, but we feel we have no choice.


Click here to support this project – OR send to Vipps (Norway only) (number 10400 – and mark “Help”)

Thank you so much for any contribution! ❤️ 

Watch this page how the collection goes – and we’ll post photos when the work can start.

Regards Zulu-Mari 😊


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Gratton’s website: www.gratton.co.za