Community gardens


Zulufadder believes that it is not wise to just give and give and give to the community.  People ought to work a little bit in order to fully appreciate and take initiative. We do not want people— especially the future generations— to become totally dependent on the monthly food parcel. Our dream is that one day the community will become self-sustainable and tell us that they no longer need Zulufadder’s help.

In order to try to promote more self reliance and a project that is more sustainable for the community, we have taken advantage of the rich soil in the rural districts where most of our children live by establishing community vegetable gardens.

We have developed a very good relationship with the local chiefs, who have in turn given us the land that we have converted into vegetable gardens that the grandmas may work. Through the project, we have provided fences, plowing of soil, water tanks, wheelbarrows, hoes, shovels, watering cans and other equipment.

After that, it is really up to them how much work and care they wanted to put into the garden. Those who work most, can sow and reap, eat and sell. Our hope that all of them may reap these benefits.  It is not difficult to grow wonderful vegetables.  The gardens are sustainable, promote good health and can provide extra money to grandmothers if they choose to take advantage and grow a lot.