Doremi kindergarten


Doremi kindergarten

DOREMI kindergarten was given its name because the first building that Zulufadder built was sponsored, and also BUILT (in 2006) – by two young men who owned and worked in Doremi kindergarten in Fredrikstad, Norway.

They came to visit in 2006 and “raided” the local building shop. The Zulu youth, who came with eager curiosity to watch the construction, were hired as workers to help with the project. They laughed when Fredrik and Havard from Doremi said that they were going to build the kindergarten in just one week’s time. Nevertheless, with tools that Zulus had never even seen before and lamps that stayed on from the workdays into the late evenings, they actually managed to complete it just one week!

In 2008, we got a brand new building sponsored by Rotary International. The building has three rooms; two classrooms and an office. The small kindergarten has since functioned as a small shop where we sell crafts made by the grandmothers.

In 2017, we set up a large outdoor roof so that the children can be outside both when the sun is shining and when it is raining.

Doremi kindergarten in Umlalazi would never have been what it is today without Popi.  That woman is such an incredible joy.  Her smile and laughter are absolutely contagious. When we first arrived in 2005, her English was poor but has since then improved immensely.  Over the years, she has taught hundreds of children how to read English, count, sing, draw, play and behave properly.

The kindergarten has both indoor and outdoor areas with access to electricity, water and toilets.

The support we receive makes this possible:

  • Books and toys
  • Tables, chairs, shelves, and other furniture
  • Vegetable garden w/equipment
  • Detergents, toilet paper, etc
  • Electricity and alarm
  • Safety fence
  • Salaries for employees
  • Continuous maintenance

We are so grateful because all of these kindergartens have allowed all these children to get a strong foundation and a COMPLETELY different start in life.

Main sponsor for Zulufadder’s kindergartens: Dibber (Læringsverkstedet kindergartens in Norway)