Gratton pre-school (2010-2020)


Gratton pre-school

At Gratton pre-school, we understand how important a strong elementary school foundation is, and we invest a lot in our little learners. We have two departments; 3-4 year old children and 5-6 year old children. The children start grade 1 the year they turn 6 years old.

Activities such as games, acting, drawing, outdoor and indoor play, among others, ensure that our students are ready for literacy and numeracy in grade 1.

Læringsverkstedet AS (Norwegian pre-school) is the biggest sponsor for Gratton pre-school.

Their support is used for the following:

  • Books, toys, teaching materials
  • Furniture
  • Salary for the teacher + assistant

See photos of our old pre-school below. 

See photos of our NEW primary school


Thank you so much for supporting Gratton Preschool!