Gratton school – 4 new classrooms (2016)


Zulufadder is building four classrooms at Gratton school. They will be ready to school opening in January 2017.

The classrooms are tiled so that the floors will last for many years, and we are installing fans in the ceiling because of the heat in the summer months.

The rooms should be painted in bright colors for the children and all the rooms will be furnished with desks, chairs, blackboards, cabinets, etc.

Zulufadder has been involved in Gratton school since 2010, and has so far completed six classrooms, a media center, two dormitory buildings and set up toilets, as well as new power plants, new sewage plants and painted the whole school.

We believe that education is the most important gift a child can GET. We also think it is the best gift to GIVE.

This was one of the biggest projects we have completed, and the sponsorship funds came from a number of private persons, companies and a crowdfunding venture that we ran on our website.

THANK YOU! Without our sponsors this would not have been possible!