Gratton school | Educational resources


Gratton School is Zulufadders biggest project. The support from our sponsors makes it possible for us to buy school books and e-books for the students every year.

When Zulufadder took over the school in 2010, Gratton was a primary school. In 2015, we started with the expansion to a high school by offering one new grade level each year, and in 2019 we had our first students who graduated from our high school. All with 100% pass rate.

Gratton now has books at all levels from preschool to high school. During the first years we ran the school, the teacher had to write everything on the board and the children had to spend time copying everything down in a notebook and then doing the work and homework.

The school’s annual budget for school books, e-books, software and other teaching materials is about NOK 400,000, of which about 75% is covered by the school fees, the rest we do fundraising for.

Thank you very much for your support of our education fund!

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