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Gratton school – Zulufadders biggest project

We have been involved at Gratton school since January 2010, and in 2023 fifty learners are fully supported by Zulufadder. 

Zulufadder consider education to be the most important thing you can give a child. It changes everything.

The education system in the local schools in South Africa works far from optimally, and from the very beginning Zulufadder wanted to have his own school. When the school board at Gratton School contacted us in the fall of 2009, we had no doubt that we would be involved.

Today, Zulufadder is behind the operation and management of the school, and we are very proud of what we have achieved in recent years. Gratton school has become a school the locals talk about and want to send their children to.

It costs a lot to run a school and have access to good teaching staff. The school is therefore open to anyone who wants a good school offer, and the school fees help us with operating costs and salaries.

Sports and culture

We have developed the sports section for development in many different sports; football, rugby, cricket, volleyball, cycling and hockey. We do not have the opportunity to offer swimming and tennis due to lack of resources.

The school is very involved in local culture like Zulu dancing and singing. We also have one of the best school choirs around.

We have received a tractor and school bus sponsored by the National Lottery in South Africa. Most Zulufadder learners are transported home every weekend, but some come from far away and only go home once a month and for school holidays.

The bus is also used for sports games and for class trips, while the tractor both mows our large outdoor areas and plows the vegetable garden.


A total of 60 people work full time at Gratton school – teachers, administration, hostel staff, cleaners, maintenance workers and gardeners.

High School

When Zulufadder took over Gratton school, it was a primary school, up to 7th grade. From 2015, we added one grade each year so that we can offer final exams after 12 years of schooling (Matriculation). In 2019, the first students completed high school at Gratton school, and the results have been amazing as we

Hostels x 3

  • In 2011, Gratton’s former library was converted into a dormitory with a kitchen and dining room, while we bought a prefabricated house for the bedroom section.
  • We have (as of 2022) 70 paying children who live in the school’s own hostel. We have opened up for other children since we have learners coming from all parts of South Africa to join our wonderful school. In 2015, we expanded the bedroom section with a new building (phase 2).
  • Zulufadders students moved into their own hostel in February 2021. We cover all costs in connection with schooling and the boarding for our 51 students.

Expansion of the school

We have expanded the school with a new campus for the junior school.

Some of what we have done at Gratton School since 2010 – all with the help of Norwegian sponsors:

  • Tuition fees for Zulu sponsor children (ongoing)
  • Boarding fees for Zulu sponsor children (ongoing)
  • Moved preschool + 1st – 3rd grade to new property (2020)
  • Built technology center (opened 2021)
  • Built 15 classrooms
  • Built media center
  • Built multi-purpose hall
  • Completely renovated a classroom to state-of-the-art science lab
  • Bought 40 new laptops and 12 new tablets (2021)
  • Bought 30 new PCs
  • Bought 30 new tablets
  • Bought 90 used iPads
  • Purchased e-books for all subjects (software for upper secondary school) (every year since 2019)
  • Hostel (phase 1, new building) which opened in January 2012
  • Hostel (phase 2, new building) ready for school start in January 2015
  • Hostel – House of Zulu sponsor (ready for school start 2021)
  • Jungle gyms for kindergarten, preschool and the hostel
  • New toilets for primary school (new building)
  • Renovated living room and kitchen at the hostel
  • Renovation of girls ‘and boys’ toilets for upper secondary school (2017)
  • Installed Internet
  • Software for all grade levels
  • New books for all classes in recent years
  • Several thousand books to the library
  • Bought music instruments
  • Employed fantastic music teacher (Sir Bo)
  • Employed wonderful teachers, principal and other staff
  • Renovated the preschool
  • Continuous painting of classrooms; inside and outside
  • Fixed the entire electrical system
  • Laid tiles in all classrooms
  • Set up a fence around the entire property
  • Employed security guards
  • Set up video surveillance
  • Had Norwegian teachers on exchange
  • Sent employees at Gratton to Norway
  • Employed former Zulu sponsor child – and who has taken the teacher education part time and is now a trained teacher (May 2022)
  • Desks, chairs, blackboards, cabinets in all classrooms
  • Administration
  • Maintenance
  • Vegetable garden, including tunnels and other equipment
  • Pig farm
  • Sports equipment
  • School uniforms
  • School bus
  • Tractor

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