New laptops and tablets


The opening of Norway is approaching, and hopefully South Africa as well, so that we can visit again!

I want to thank everyone who supported us during the pandemic! Our sponsors have been great and persevering, and our major sponsors have given us extra money.

My birthday was on 17 March (I do not want to say how old… ok then, 64 😊), and I started a fundraising campaign on Facebook. The donations would be used to buy laptops and tablets for the students at Gratton school. You can no longer get far with paper and pencil …

Prizegiving for contributors

Janne Skarpeid, an active sponsor and one of the best stylists in Norway, would give of her time and style two contributors, and send products to a third contributor. I invited the two lucky winners; Aud Nyegaard, Berit Live Skjold. Products were sent to Ragnhild Hemsing. That is – it was Zulufadder who was the real winner 😊

I got more money than expected, but it was still not enough  to buy the 40 laptops and 15 tablets we needed! Difficult situation! So I contacted someone we hoped would support us, in the midst of a pandemic! The Rivelsrud family and the Grieg Foundation.

It was as if I had my birthday and Christmas Eve at the same time when we got wonderful donations from both! I had to dance and cry a little with joy.


Zulufadder’s school, Gratton, has introduced e-books for 8th to 12th grade (graduating class). Zulufadder has 40 students in these  grades and we had to get moving to get sponsored laptops. Not only that, but we got enough money to also buy tablets for the children at primary school level! They use the tablets for specific apps in English and math.

Thank you so much for the wonderful contributions!

– Mari Maurstad
Zulufadder Founder