Saturday school


Given that many schools do not provide adequate instruction, we have started a Saturday school. Our hope is that children who have the capabilities will have the opportunity to reach higher education.  Our Saturday schools strive to make this more possible.

As of August 2015, 10 of our kids have reached university.  However, this number will surely not stop there.  Gratton school is definitely an excellent start and provides a solid foundation, but the children who were too old to attend Gratton (which only goes up to grade 8), now have a chance to attend Saturday school. We’ve got some of the best teachers from Gratton to spend their Saturday helping boys and girls build a better future! They teach English, math, science and data.  Those who work diligently on their studies and get the extra help offered at Saturday school surely see results.

A year ago it was almost only boys who attended Saturday school. We called for a meeting with the grandmothers and emphasized how important it was that the girls also attended.  It turns out that the girls were too busy cleaning the house and doing chores on Saturdays. We now have about 30 boys and 30 girls who come to Saturday school each week. We also have a few laptops so they can get the calves training data.

Education is one of Zulufadder’s primary focuses because education is the best gift you can get!

Thank you for your support!