Team Gogo


Team GOGO! Gogo is a Zulu word that means grandma. It is crucial that the grandmothers stay healthy and live for a long time!

In an effort to encourage the community’s grandmothers to exercise, we have established the Team GOGO project.  They typically walk long stretches every day, often with heavy objects carried on their heads. However, it is really important that they get their heart rate pumped up regularly if not every single day.  

First we taught them basic aerobics. Then we practiced running up and down hills. Finally it was yoga (downward and upward dog) and a massage. Women, who live life without men, need touches. Massage is great. Nice for everyone! We have purchased running shoes for many of the grandmothers because they don’t have proper exercise shoes.  We have even offered nutrition classes, teaching the gogos things like they ought to consume less oil and sugar and more vegetables.

Recently, the women have taken a liking to soccer.  They train regularly and they are actually very good! The games involve a referee with a whistle and yellow t-shirts. Soccer is very popular in Zululand, and if there is one thing that the Zulu boys are specialists in, that is the rules of football! Watching the community get involved with the grandmothers running, kicking, laughing and getting into good physical shape is quite the sight to see!

Thank you for your support!