Sponsor visits

We have recently had a sponsor visit from several good friends from Norway. First up were Maria and Terje from Kristiansand, who represent Læringsverkstedet, one of our main sponsors. This was Maria’s third visit, proof of her great commitment to Zulufadder! She is now planning a trip in the autumn for kindergarten managers in the Læringsverkstedet 🤩

Soon after, Jannicke appeared, a veteran in the Zulufadder context, with 21 visits since 2008! She came with her sponsors Thor Erling and Mona, who were on their second visit (but probably not the last 😉)

We visited Doremi kindergarten, Gratton school, as well as home visits to several of the sponsored children. There was also time for local tours and trips to safari parks 🐘🦒

The visits not only strengthen the bond between Zulufadder and our Norwegian sponsors and supporters, but also show how much the commitment of individuals can make a big difference. Whether it’s the first, third or twenty-first visit, each encounter brings new insights and renewed inspiration to guests and hosts alike.

Thank you very much for visiting – and a warm welcome back💖