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By changing the life of just one child, you will be helping to change the lives of many, the effect of which will last for generations to come.

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Major Sponsors

We value and appreciate all our sponsors equally, whether large or small.

Zulufadder has three categories of sponsors:

  • Child sponsors who contribute a regular amount in support of our children,
  • General sponsors who contribute occasional amounts for specified or
    unspecified purposes, and
  • Associate sponsors who donate substantial sums on an regular basis in
    support of specific projects.

Our major sponsors:

NutraQ er Zulufadders største sponsor

NutraQ group is a leading international company within health and beauty industry. NutraQ sells and markets high-quality food supplements, medical devices and skin care products. The core values of the company are: Responsible, Respectful, Brave and Innovative. The mission of the NutraQ group is to help people to a better everyday life. This is something NutraQ also want to show through community involvement, sponsorship and collaboration with people and organisations who share their values.

NutraQ has been Zulufadders main sponsor since 2009/2010, which has made it possible for Zulufadder also to implement large projects, such as building schools and providing education, clothing, medical treatment and other support.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make Zulufadder a success!

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