Swimming lessons

Swimming saves lives

The main reason we want children to learn to swim is their own safety. Over the years, we have had several children in the project who have drowned in local lakes because they could not swim.

At the new boarding school where our students who go to Gratton live (House of Zulufadder), there is a large pool, and we quickly decided that we needed to hire a professional swimming coach.

All the children quickly learned to be comfortable in the water. They blow bubbles, keep their eyes open and can hold their breath under water. They will also learn to float on their backs and treading the water, in addition to swimming breaststroke and freestyle. Some of the children can already swim along the pool, and we are very impressed with the rapid progress 🤩

It is great to see how they thrive in the water and how much they look forward to the swimming lessons.

Winter is approaching in South Africa now, and training is put on hold until spring (September/October).