The teddy bear project (2016)

It is always fascinating to come to Eshowe and Zulufadder.

I basically know the places as my pocket. But it is not ALL I manage to hang on through the year. Therefore Silvia and I always start with an update. There are things going on absolutely all the time in the project. But she mysteriously  manages to be in control at all times.

It is extremely nice that most of our employees have been in the job since the inception of the project. And we are very satisfied with them. It is like meeting good old friends that one only meet during the summer holidays. Admittedly, it is winter here in South Africa now and I forget every time, so I get very cold, because I left my warm cardigan in 25 degrees at home.

It is not a holiday to go to Zulufadder! Silvia and I move around from morning to night. This time it was the teddy bear project which was started. Actually we did not know what we started! No Zulus tend to have teddy bears. But now we have created this need in rural Zululand! Kids love getting cuddling the soft teddies.

Thank you so much to everyone who has given and still will give! Although the shops around here is vacuumed for teddy bears, we are getting a new supply from the shops in Durban. The last teddies were huge, so some children were terrified and started crying… but then granny came. She had wished for a teddy bear for 60 years. Finally HER wish was fulfilled.

Kind regards,