The Zulus can dance!

And they often express themselves through dancing. Happiness and sadness.

They are never, as we often are in the Western world, afraid of not being good enough dancers. They throw themselves onto the floor. Alone. I certainly think all the dances look the same. They kick the legs so high they can into the air. ln the old days when they were preparing for hunting or war, they danced this dance. When they came home with their hunt or trophies: kick the leg up! And eventually falling down on their bottoms.

But when I pointed out the similarity, the Zulus just looked at me and wondered if I was TOTALLY STUPID and said “those dances not the same at all! ” Ha ha!

But to be honest, I am not sure too many can distinguish local Norwegian folk dances either!

Take a a few minutes and see the grandmothers dance when the Norwegian choir “Sølvguttene” came to visit Zulufadder. Then they just HAD to dance, they were so happy!

Also: Watch the kids dance

Regards from Mari