We won 100 000 kroner! (2018)

One of our awesome sponsors entered Zulufadder in a contest to win 100 000 kroner.

Every year since 2004, Jobzone’s local offices have distributed 10,000 kroner to their local heroes throughout Norway. In total, they have distributed more than 2 million kroner to local heroes that help make a difference.

Jobzone is inspired by the amazing efforts of the local heroes. Therefore they also donate 100,000 kroner to a project that one of the local winners is engaged in, where the prize money goes to an earmarked project.

One of our sponsors, Hanne Falstad, won the local prize, and she entered Zulufadder in the national final. And we WON, and in early April, our founder Mari Maurstad went to Trondheim to receive the fantastic prize.

The prize goes towards our Education Fund.

Thank you very much to all who voted for Zulufadder!